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Remembering Salvatore LaGumina





Italian American historian Salvatore J. LaGumina died December 31, 2023,  after a brief illness. Born in Brooklyn in 1928, LaGumina completed his undergraduate degree at Duquesne University and his MA and PhD at St. John’s University in NYC. The author of nearly two dozen monographs or edited volumes and more than a hundred chapters, essays, and articles, he was a pre-eminent chronicler of the Italian American experience in the twentieth century.  Professor of History Emeritus and the Director of the Center for Italian American Studies at Nassau County Community College (SUNY), LaGumina was one of the founders of the American Italian Historical Association (now the Italian American Studies Association) in 1966. From anti-Italian discrimination to the history of Long Island Italians, to the role of Italian Americans in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS, the forerunner of the CIA), LaGumina wrote across a wide range of subjects in a style accessible to many audiences. A full remembrance will be published in the next issue of the Italian American Review.  A more detailed obituary is also posted here.

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